Attitude Training: The Key for Better Results

A personal trainers duties may seem primarily to kick they’re clients butt into shape by outlining workout plans and maybe even granting nutritional guidance. But what use are these written out plans if the client feels defeated or, overwhelmed by the amount of work required to reach their goals? That’s where attitude training comes in. The implementation of this training is what determines whether on not a client is successful in reaching their goals.  


Attitude training may not sound like it builds muscles or it burns calories but in truth, it is the fuel required in order to do so. Isn’t it easier to get your work done when you are having fun with co-workers rather than being nitpicked by a micromanaging boss? That’s because you have a positive environment to do so and therefore, probably look forward to going to work on the days your boss is out of the office. The same goes for your exercise and diet plan. Isn’t it much easier to work towards your goals when you are doing exercises you enjoy, or eating foods you love? Are you not more likely to continue these exercises when someone is cheering you on?


Our attitude towards something can be our secret weapon when taking on challenges.   


With personal trainers that learn through NCEP, clients will find there is more to the daily grind than putting in work and going home. NCEP trainers want to make their clients feel good about accomplishing goals before, during, and after they’ve reached them. With the execution of attitude training, clients will learn affirmations, meditations, and positive thinking to use as tools along with their workout plans.


Affirmations allow you to remain gracious and optimistic even in the face of unfavorable circumstances, while meditation is meant to keep you in the moment so you can clear your mind and focus on the task at hand with greater effort. When these lessons are applied to a client’s training they become empowered and continue through programs longer than those that do not. Attitude may very well be the key to success.


“I am strong”

“My mind and body are powerful”

“I am relentless”


Repeating phrases like these can train the mind to continue thinking in a positive way. Studies are showing that not only are these good habits beneficial to a person’s mental wellbeing, but also their physical health. Optimistic thinkers tend to have healthier hearts compared to pessimists proving that keeping “light hearted” is more important than previously anticipated.

Meditation is similar in its benefits. However, while an exercise professional may not walk you through a meditation in finding your higher self, an NCEP trainer will teach clients how to wipe their mind clear of the day before jumping into the session. Depending on the circumstances visualization techniques may even be beneficial. 

Maybe you would have ran a little harder if you pretended you were only a millisecond away from beating your previous record. Or, Maybe the weight of that last set was easier to put up because you were focused on the task at hand rather than your stress at work.


The point of attitude training goes beyond achieving daily goals, but empowers clients to stick to their long term goals with more of an achievable perspective. Could this be the missing link to successful and happy clientele?  Learn more by signing up for a class near you.



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