How The NCCA is Ruining Fitness


In regards to becoming a personal trainer, the online studying for certification can be tough. Most that are already pursuing this are well aware of the frustrations behind taking an online course for what is quite literally a very ‘personal’ career. The online chapters and short explanation videos are great! If you’re the type that learns that way. Or maybe you’re a visionary who can read a chapter about proper alignment and know exactly what it takes to correct a clients muscle imbalances.  Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t have this super power.

Hands on training may very well be the defining factor between a personal trainer that is book smart and a personal trainer that is integrative. Plainly put, students that learn through hands on training versus those that read book notes in preparation to testing are more likely to retain the details behind the information rather than the “main idea;” and it really is in the details that a personal trainer should be focusing on.


So what does this have to do with the NCCA? The NCCA is the National Commision for Certifying Agencies. The NCCA sets the requirements for companies in order to “OK” their certification criteria. Certifications from nurses and automotive experts to crane operators and personal trainers can only obtain an accredited certification if its through an organization that is accredited by the NCCA.


While an accredited certification is certainly appealing when deeming a personal trainer worthy, some would argue there is a flaw within the NCCA’s certification demands and requirements. The cost for a business to apply for the NCCA’s accreditation for one, is an obstacle for some newly developing companies, putting a strain on the newly developing businesses. Aside from cost, certain testing criteria is also unthorough  for a personal trainers job requirements. The NCCA requires that the certification tests be strictly multiple choice and take place in an independent testing facility.


Factoring in  a personal trainers hands on abilities is crucial to determining their capabilities when on the floor with real life clients. How can any of this possibly be determined through a multiple choice test? The NCCA tests do not offer the flexibility that the fitness industry should be granted. 
The NCEP is making waves in the exercise industry becoming the first to train holistically focused and functional training exercise professionals and the first to do so with such extensive hands on training classes. We hope future certification tests see the light in offering in house testing. Until then, the Nation College of Exercise Professionals will continue to offer the most personal approach to personal training there is.


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