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We are a growing, grassroots company in the fitness education industry, having produced “exercise professionals” for over two decades. Our courses are known for their rigor, in-person instruction, functional training, and unique holistic approach.

We believe that every person is an athlete, and that life itself is a sport — thus, our philosophy is predicated on the notion that health and fitness regimens should be tailored to each individual by knowledgeable, true professionals. We strive to make sure each person who takes a course with us leaves with the practical knowledge to help clients live healthier lives. Learn more about our story and why we are different than other certification companies — and enroll today in one of our courses.

We are proud to be an accepted personal training certification at gyms and healthcare clubs all over the country, including:

Become A Certified Personal Trainer 

Sign up for our industry-leading 2-day Standard Certification course, offered in gyms and health clubs all across the country. This hands-on class will prepare you to become a top-notch certified personal trainer and ready to start, or advance, your career.


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Introducing the “NCEP Network”

Among many unique characteristics of NCEP is our focus on people. Although we are a small company, we are rapidly growing and excited to announce the upcoming launch of the The NCEP Network — an alumni group of NCEP certified trainers across the United States, interesting in connecting with each other and continuing their education. Network members will be privy to an array of benefits that can help advance one’s career, as well as be an integral part of NCEP’s growth in various cities.

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Become a Faculty Instructor with the NCEP!

Interested in growing your career via education? Want to teach beginning personal trainers the holistic and functional way to health and fitness? We’re excited to announce that because we are growing rapidly in cities all across the country, there are new opportunities to join our team. We are looking for passionate, committed, and experienced fitness professionals in various cities to become NCEP Faculty Instructors and teach our popular 2-day Standard Certification course.

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