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functional fitness training

Why Should I Do Functional Training?

Functional training has become a buzzword in the fitness world as of late. But there’s a good reason for its...

functional fitness certification

How The NCCA is Ruining Fitness

  In regards to becoming a personal trainer, the online studying for certification can be tough. Most that are already...

functional fitness certification

A Strong Core for Form

Being aware of all aspects of the core allows you to develop the best stability and grounds to work off of. Contrary to popular belief, your core is not made up by merely your abdominals.

functional fitness certification

Slow Motion Training

  Imagine walking into the gym you frequent and looking around at what everyone else is doing for a moment....

functional fitness certification

Attitude Training: The Key for Better Results

Attitude training may not sound like it builds muscles or it burns calories but in truth, it is the fuel required in order to do so.

functional fitness certification

Don’t Skip Heart Day: Gains You’re Missing Out On By Avoiding Cardio.

We understand the hard work and energy that goes into muscle development. However, a healthy heart and circulatory system should not be second to physical appearance. Cardiovascular exercise is extremely important...

functional fitness certification

Fascia Training: What’s New in Fitness?

The fascia is a network of connective tissue throughout the body. This network is truly a master system; connecting the muscular, skeletal, and nervous system all together uniting the body as a whole...

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