Exercise Therapy Program

Exercise Therapy Program (ETP)

It is our belief that it would take a novice trainer about one year to complete the course work to become an Exercise Therapist. All students must successfully complete the ten mandatory courses outlined under the school curriculum and two courses chosen from the list of electives. In addition, all applicants must show written proof of at least 500 hours of training, 50 of which must be done under the supervision of a Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer or Exercise Therapist. This course includes “Practical Application of Exercise Therapy,” which is a class that meets one night per week.

Course Length: 14 Weekend Classes: 224 hours of Instructions + Weekday Class + Intern Work + Personal Study Time.

Class Meets: Every Tuesday, 1 Weekend per month. Prerequisite: NCEP Standard Certification or College Degree.

Course Price: $2,996 Location: Home Office

This program makes up the crux of our advanced courses, and is actually broken down into four specific sections with each leading to a separate certification (if desired): Holistic Health Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Coach, and Advanced Flexibility Specialist. Read about these certifications and the ETP curriculum below, and contact us to learn more about enrollment.

Part 1: Advanced Flexibility Specialist

One of the most important needs to clients these days is Flexibility. As a NCEP Advanced Flexibility Specialist, you will have the knowledge necessary to handle Therapeutic Flexibility needs as well as Performance Flexibility needs. This course is comprised of Trigger Point Therapy/AIS, Dynamic Flexiblity, and Functional Anatomy.

Trigger Point Therapy/ Active Isolated Stretching
A greater step to your advancement as a trainer is the knowledge of Trigger Point Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching. Trigger Point Therapy involves applying a proper amount of pressure to specific sites on a muscle, which leads to the muscle gaining greater relaxation. This then can lead to better balance in the body and flexibility.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) involves using the body’s natural ability to stretch itself naturally through Agonist/Antagonist relationships w/ muscles. AIS is a simple, yet effective way to gain greater flexibility quickly.

Dynamic Flexibility
Learn how to make yours and your client’s body more mobile, graceful, explosive, and coordinated with this unique class. This class will also teach you how to help postural issues with simple movements. Be one of the rare trainers to learn this unique form of flexibility training.

Functional Anatomy
The Human Body is not One Dimensional and there are more things happening during a workout then you know. Learn how the body moves, reacts and performs in a living 3D world. This class will change how you train your clients, yourself and how you see people move in the world.

Part 2: Holistic Health Practitioner

This is a 6 month journey that will set you apart from the majority of trainers in the industry today. Upon completion of this course there will be very few clients that you cannot handle. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, you will have the education, skills and confidence to assist clients who are Post Surgery/Rehab, have Weight Management needs and Performance/Movement issues. You will be a one-of-a-kind in the Training Industry. This certification is the combination of the Lifestyle Coach and Wellness Coach (below) and constitutes the first half of the Exercise Therapy Program.

Lifestyle Coach

1. Balance and Core Program Design
2. Holistic Nutrition
3. Lifestyle Management

Wellness Coach

1. Nutritional Therapy/Blood work Analysis
2. Psychology for Personal Trainers
3. Cardiovascular Specialist

(Upon completing the above 6 classes and testing with an 80% or above, the student will be a Holistic Health Practitioner)

Part 3: Lifestyle Coach Intensive Program

As an NCEP Lifestyle Coach you will have the necessary skills and information to help your clients achieve their goals quicker, safer and make better decisions through their life. The Lifestyle Coach consists of the Standard Certification, Holistic Nutrition, Lifestyle Management, and Balance and Core Program Design. The Lifestyle Coach is the first quarter of the Exercise Therapist Course.

Lifestyle Management
This course will teach you the necessary tools to help your clients with how to manage their time, gain an even greater focus, and plan their goals properly. Lifestyle Management will also help teach you, the trainer, how to maximize your potential and time as well.

Balance and Core Program Design
With Balance and Core Program Design, you will gain a deeper understanding to NCEP’s training protocol and how to apply it to your clientele. This course also includes Intermediate Cardiovascular Programming and a greater understanding to the basic assessments.

Holistic Nutrition
Proper nutrition is essential to getting the body you want and the quality of life that you deserve. With NCEP’s Holistic Nutrition course you will learn the benefits and dangers of certain foods and how to put it all together in an easy to use program for your clients.

This course can be completed via 8 Week Intensive Program.

Part 4: Wellness Coach

With the advancement in Alternative Therapies on the rise, being certified as a NCEP Wellness Coach will give you a leading edge in this competitive market. As a Wellness Coach, you will have the necessary skills and education to handle the greater therapeutic needs of your clients. This course includes Nutritional Therapy/Blood Work, Sport Psychology/NLP, and Cardiovascular Specialist. The Wellness Coach is the final quarter of the Exercise Therapist Program.

Nutritional Therapy/Blood Work Analysis
This course offers a unique tool for Trainers. Upon completion of this course you will be able to safely offer advice on cleansing protocols to aide your clients in their search for better health. You will also gain the understanding of how to read a Clinical Blood Analysis Test and translate it to your clients so they know what the test tells them about their body.

Sports Psychology/NLP
NLP is Neurolinguistic Programming; this is a skill that will help you to aide your clients through fears and allows them to gain an even great focus for their end goal. This is a very powerful skill for a trainer to possess and one that should be in every trainer’s “Tool Box”.

Cardiovascular Specialist
This course will offer you greater insight to the details that are advanced cardio training. You will learn the necessary mathematic formulas to help maximize your client’s cardio training so that no time is wasted.

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