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Rainbow Warrior Martial Arts/MMA Trainer Program


Get the national MMA trainer certification from the leader in exercise professionals to start your career in this exciting and growing industry or take it to another level! This course is great for personal trainers who want to learn how to train MMA athletes, martial arts instructors who want to add MMA conditioning to their school curriculum or any one who wants to learn how to train in this dynamic sport.

Topics taught in this course include: MMA Strength and Conditioning, MMA training techniques, fight strategies, functional training, athletic skills training, core and balance training, performance enhancement training and professional skills to achieve success as an MMA trainer.

This course incorporates the basic fitness science curriculum of the NCEP with the MMA training methods of some of the best instructors in the world, including Leo Fong (Bruce Lee’s close friend and training partner), Gene Lebell (the Godfather of Grappling), the Machado Brothers (Pioneers of Brazilian Jujitsu), and Greg Jackson (top MMA instructor).

The NCEP/Rainbow Warrior Martial Arts MMA Trainer program has been endorsed by the Commissioner of MMA for the State of Hawaii and by the United States Military Veterans Administration as an educational program to develop MMA Trainers and future leaders in the sport and the MMA Industry.

Graduates of the NCEP/Rainbow Warrior Martial Arts MMA Trainer Certification program will be certified as a National College of Exercise Professionals Personal Trainer, a Strength and Conditioning Coach for MMA and a Rainbow Warrior MMA Trainer/Coach for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. The program includes almost 50 hours of training and education curriculum for the cost of $1000.

CardioMMA™ Instructor

Mike DeMora, the creator of CardioMMA™, is always looking for ways to get people interested in physical fitness. He has always wanted to combine his knowledge of holistic health and his life-long study of the martial arts — his reason for inventing CardioMMA™. This course is a combination of the fighting arts of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and jui-jitsu, all choreographed to high energy and motivating music in a group setting. It’s the ultimate cardiovascular challenge. CardioMMA™ is the only class that combines a unique blend of mixed martial arts training and functional strength training in a group fitness class. CardioMMA™ requires no previous martial arts experience. We like to think that the realistic teaching of CardioMMA™ will make your class will think you’re a professional MMA fighter.

In order to become a CardioMMA™ Instructor, you must first attend an Instructor Training. From there, we will teach you correct form and technique so you’ll be able to help your students get more out of each workout. As a group fitness instructor, you’ll learn how to create an intense atmosphere that will be very popular (not to mention unique) among students and clients.

By becoming an instructor, you will also become part of the NCEP.

Instructor Training Benefits:
* Full day training with a CardioMMA™ Certified Presenter that will help you perfect your form and technique.
* Written and Practical Testing.
* A complete manual and a DVD of the class being taught by a Certified Presenter.
* Receive a Record of Completion valid for 2 years that verifies your ability to teach.
* 8 hrs. NCEP Continuing Education Units/Credits.
* Get 30% off any NCEP Certification.

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