Standard Certification Manual




The Standard Certification is an introduction to the NCEP curriculum, which has been taught nationwide. This manual, accompanied by our acclaimed Standard Certification course, is designed to provide aspiring personal trainers a strong, holistic foundation for a future in the fitness industry by focusing on the five main components of health and fitness: resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility training, nutritional guidance, and attitude training. We also explain how to utilize our innovative NCEP system to create individualized exercise programs for clients of all levels. Finally, this manual covers customary topics such as basic anatomy, physiology, energy systems, body assessments, postural corrections, and medical health history, as well as vital information about the industry and how to achieve professional success.

This manual is carefully constructed to provide both beginning and experienced trainers specific guidelines, advice, strategies, and diagrams that are practical and clearly explained for immediate use on the training floor. Our holistic approach to health and fitness is second to none, as the knowledge gained from this manual will separate any personal trainer from others in the field.

This manual comes with purchase of Standard Course. You DO NOT need to purchase this if you have paid for the Standard.


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