NCEP Spotlight Series

Over the course of each year, NCEP puts a "spotlight" on exceptional individuals who are certified by NCEP and gone onto great success in the industry. Read below about these remarkable trainers and health professionals in their own words via our Spotlight Series.

Current Spotlight: Barry M. Goldenberg

"Our current spotlight is on Barry M. Goldenberg. Barry is a certified trainer through the NCEP, and has been living NCEP’s model for health and fitness for almost a decade, with a new goal of expanding NCEP’s cutting-edge approach for aspiring personal trainers on the East Coast."

What got you started as an Exercise Professional?

My initial foray into fitness can first be attributed to my mother. My mom, seeking to change her lifestyle due to both health and personal reasons, inspired me to do the same. As I witnessed her become a more vibrant person as a result of eating more holistically, exercising regularly, and possess a new-found care about her health, I realized how a healthy lifestyle can transform somebody's life. I began to echo her habits and seek to become educated in health and nutrition, becoming conscious of what I am doing for my body both in the gym and on my plate. Since these early years, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life dedicated to health and fitness, helping people live a healthy -- and holistic -- life because I seen and continue reap the benefits each and every day.

Why did you choose NCEP for your fitness education and how did you hear about us?

I feel fortunate to have stumbled on NCEP many years ago. At the time of wanting to make a life change, I was seeking to learn more about health and fitness, but since I was young and had no experience in the field, I wanted to take some kind of health and/or fitness class in person that would really "teach" me about health fitness, as opposed to an online test that most companies offer. Living in Southern California at the time, I passed a sign that that said NCEP Fitness, and I stopped in the office one day by chance. Their hands-on, 2-day weekend course was the perfect introduction and sparked passion for health and fitness.

What did you like about NCEP?

As I look back on my first experience with NCEP after being in the field for a decade, I now realize in hindsight how cutting-edge their functional approach to fitness really is -- both the content and the way the courses are taught. Outside of the amazing instructors who really care about each student and how personal the course is, the NCEP material is so practical and so focused on how to improve normal peoples' daily lives. NCEP's holistic approach is really unique, and the way that the instructors present the material is digestible and accessible. I loved how the instructors taught us ways in which every person has unique health and fitness needs, and we, as Exercise Professionals, must use the proper "tools" to design a program that can transform their lives. I love that!

What advice would you give someone starting out in the Fitness Industry?

I have two pieces of advice I would give someone starting out in the industry. First, and this might sound overly intuitive, but get your own "business" in order in terms of your health and fitness. It's hard, I think, to help someone else change their life -- to really make him or her believe that a lifestyle change is transformational -- if you yourself don't believe it and do not live what you preach every day. I have always believed that a "lead by example" is the best type of leadership. When clients see you living holistically, they will be more motivated to do the same! The other piece of advice is to find your niche. Maye being a personal trainer is not your cup of tea, so to speak, but there are plenty other ways to impact peoples' lives in health and fitness!

What are you looking forward to from NCEP?

I am most looking forward being part of a health and fitness community that is so dedicated to helping people. No other fitness certification company is as grassroots and personal as NCEP, and it's great to be part of a community in which I know there are like-minded, passionate Exercise Professionals like myself. Surrounding yourself with knowledgeable people is the ultimate resource!

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Besides continuing my own fitness goals, I would like to help NCEP grow, particularly on the East Coast where I currently live. There is a need for holistic personal training certification courses and I see myself becoming more involved with NCEP as the Director of Strategic Planning.