Standard Certs

Standard Certification

The NCEP Standard Certification is an introduction to the NCEP curriculum, and our most popular course. It is designed to provide a foundation for a future in personal training, satisfying all the basic information needed to become a top notch personal trainer. This holistic personal training course the main components of fitness: resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility training, nutritional guidance, and attitude training. In addition, this course covers general aspects of anatomy, physiology, energy systems, body assessments, and medical health history — as well vital information about sales and how to be a professional often left out of most courses.

Our Standard Certification has become the staple of our company, and thus, taught in various gyms nationwide. This course will certify you and prepare you for entry in the fitness industry, either at a corporate/local gym or as an independent personal trainer. Past students and successful trainers consider this course as the “bread and butter” of the NCEP paradigm — and we encourage all individuals interested in becoming personal trainers (or those currently in the field who wish to learn about holistic training) to take this course before enrolling in more advanced NCEP courses.

Standard Certification Price: $499.

This price includes the NCEP Standard Certification Manual, the two day in-person workshop (taught at a local gym) and the certification test. Students with passing scores will receive a certificate recognizing certification in approximately 2-4 weeks.

Re-Certification: To find out about re-certification click here.

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