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Certified Personal Trainers

Learn the skills you need to succeed as a Personal Trainer. We have produced “exercise professionals” for over two decades. We believe that every person is an athlete, and that life itself is a sport. Come play with us and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Personal Training Re-Certifications

The National College of Exercise Professionals’ certifications are valid for two calendar years from the successful completion of the certification test. To get re-certified, our graduates must complete 20 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

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Our Standard Certification has become the staple of our company, and thus, taught in over 20 states nationwide. This course will certify you and prepare you for entry in the fitness industry, either at a corporate/local gym or as an independent personal trainer.

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Percussive Therapy Specialist


Recovery Specialist

(Using Percussive Therapy)


NCEP Personal Training Certification

Holistic Nutrition


Holistic Personal Training

National College of Exercise Professionals

Functional Fitness 

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“Great practical and holistic approach to training.”

-Cameron Ritter, PrimeTime Training
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Healthy Heart

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A Unique Focus on Functional Anatomy



The ability to move and a combination of flexibility, strength, and motor control.


Learning a client's basic heath history is an essential first step of any client-trainer relationship.


Learn the study of bodily structure as it relates to function. Bones, joints, ligaments and muscles.


Know how muscles work and the foundational principles central to muscle physiology.

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Putting the “Personal” in

Training Certificate

Another major difference in our approach is our personalized model of education. While many — if not most — other certification companies require online exams at a testing center, we strongly believe in teaching our classes live and in person. We believe that people learn best with visual interaction and demonstration because, after all, personal fitness itself is based on personal interactions and demonstrations between trainer and client.

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NCEP Graduates

Better Trainer

I went to NCEP and what I thought I knew for 30 years, I learned so much more. I learned new training techniques training secrets that that I wish I had known 20 years ago, 10 years ago.

Gino Caccavale

Owner/Trainer ReZist Fitness

Best Mobility

The secrets that I learned through NCEP were amazing and I feel like it's really going to help me with my fitness competition. My mobility has never been better.

Shawnie Dockery

Fitness Competitor

Best Foundation

NCEP is the best foundation that you can have to start your career in the fitness field. This certification helps you understand why all your body systems need to work synergistically together.

Dennis Dunphy

Co Founder Stick Mobility

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