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About Us

The Origins: A need for Holistic Personal Training

The NCEP Story

The National College of Exercise Professionals (NCEP) has a unique history, one that is organic in growth and has evolved over time. NCEP was born out of the original Sports Club Company in Los Angeles in the late 1990s where Michael DeMora, the Founder and President of NCEP, was a Fitness Manager for the Sports Club Company. Eventually, Mike became the Director of Education for the prestigious Spectrum Clubs, a new (at the time) gym chain that branched out of the Sports Club Company.

In this position of Director of Education, Mike came in contact with hundreds of clients who appreciated his holistic approach to health and fitness, and the type of functional training that became a staple of the gym chains he managed. Out of these experiences, combined with his elite education with two masters degrees, Mike realized that there was a need — a need for a “better” way to educate people about health and fitness that went beyond the confines of a gym and encompassed wholesale lifestyle changes. Thus, operating out of a local office in Southern California, Mike created NCEP as an alternative personal training certification, along with other courses, that focused on functional training through a holistic approach. Throughout the 2000s, NCEP has taught over 3,000 trainers, or more accurately, what we like to call “exercise professionals,” who have gone on to great success in the field. Since these early days, he has worked to build NCEP from the grassroots — focusing on people, relationships, and cutting-edge research in ways that make NCEP different among its competitors.

Re-imagining Personal Training Certification

Remaining faithful to Mike’s founding, today, NCEP is a rapidly growing company seeking to offer would-be personal trainers a more hands-on way to seek certification through our acclaimed Standard Certification course, among other courses we offer. NCEP is now national in scope, teaching courses in cities all over the United States with a team of instructors and exercise professionals committed to “teaching it forward” in a personalized way.

A Unique Focus on Functional Training

There are many significant difference between the National College of Exercise Professionals and other organizations, and those who take our courses know why. For starters, we are a fitness education industry group dedicated to the most cutting-edge exercise science, primarily in the form of “functional training.” The best gym club companies in the fitness industry are embracing the functional training approach — and we truly believe that our methods take this approach to an even higher level while still being the foundation of our Standard Certification course. We also offer a variety of other proprietary courses and continuing education workshops related to functional training, such as what we refer to as Athletic Performance Enhancement (APE) and a focus on bio-mechanics and advanced body assessments. The fact that we also include these various philosophies as part of our introductory course illustrates our commitment to functional training and focus on human movement.

Putting the “Personal” in

Personal Training Certification

A major difference in our approach is our personalized model of education. While many — if not most — other certification companies require online exams at a testing center, we strongly believe in teaching our classes live and in person. We believe that people learn best with visual interaction and demonstration because, after all, personal fitness itself is based on personal interactions and demonstrations between trainer and client.

Online tests, we feel, are antithetical to our industry despite its widespread prevalence and convenience for the certification companies. Instead, all of our courses are taught in-person, and we maintain a low student to faculty ratio often generally under 15 students per class to offer a more conducive atmosphere to learn. We believe firmly in “getting out” into communities and teaching our classes at the club level.

NCEP is an outstanding course! I learned a lot through this class and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to become a personal trainer or to anyone looking to further their knowledge in the game.

Nickolas Gehrts
Professional MMA Fighter

Phenomenal in depth training in 2 days. So much amazing information taken away.

Arianna Cardillo
Rezist Trainer

Awesome certification program!! Excited to do my renewal class!!!

Nate Robinette
Personal Trainer